5 Veggies That Are Better for You Cooked



Spinach - Oxalic acid can block the absorption of calcium and iron from raw spinach. Heat breaks it down. use it: Blanched and served under grilled fish, with salsa. 

Mushrooms - Grilling and microwaving in particular can increase antioxidant activity. use them: Sliced and sautéed, then added to an omelet.

Carrots - Our bodies seem to be better able to use the beta carotene in cooked carrots than in raw ones. use them: Cut into rounds, steamed, and served with a bit of honey or cinnamon.

Tomatoes - You can better absorb lycopene, which may protect against cancer and heart disease, from cooked tomatoes. use them: Slow-roasted in the oven at 200° F and served on a sandwich.

Broccoli - Steaming preserves its anti-cancer compounds and makes it easier to digest. use it: Tossed with olive oil and lemon juice, or with sesame seeds and red pepper flakes.