Formula 1 driver takes on high-octane ice cream van challenge



To celebrate the launch of Esso UK’s highest-octane premium unleaded petrol, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team driver Alex Albon took to the track for a different kind of test. Driving an ice cream truck powered by Esso UK’s first 99 octane fuel – Synergy Supreme+ 99 – Alex undertook a series of challenges to try and prove how drivers can make the most of their engine’s performance. Higher octane fuels help to prevent knock-related losses in performance, the fault when air and fuel ignite in the engine without a spark. Synergy Supreme+ 99 is enriched with double detergent additives compared to Esso’s regular petrol, giving the engine a deeper clean and introducing friction-reducing molecules that help moving parts operate more efficiently. To see how Alex handled the challenges, visit: HERE