Energy for the future with recycled battery tech advance



Leading European energy company, Fortum, has announced positivity for the future with the development of a new battery initiative. The green scheme specialists have found a way to recycle lithium from rechargeable batteries, which will help to meet the upcoming surge in demand for electric cars. The news comes at a particularly timely moment in motoring history, following the announcement by the government to ban the sale of new petrol- and diesel-powered cars from 2030. “With our new patented technology, we are able to recover Lithium from EV batteries in a more sustainable way, but we will also have the capabilities to produce battery grade material on an industrial scale,” explains Tero Holländer, Fortum Head of Business Line, Batteries. Tero continues:“The reclamation of lithium and other elements from recycled sources supplements the mining of scarce metals, improving the sustainability aspects of EV production and lowering the CO2 footprint of batteries produced.