Track stars and satellites

Numerous augmented-reality (AR) apps bring the heavens into your locked-down living room, and the best is Night Sky (IOS Visit HERE). Focus on any flat surface - ceiling, wall, dining table - to see moons, planets, constellations and even the international Space Station (ISS) overlaid in their real-time positions. A slightly less powerful Android app called SkyView Lite (Visit HERE) visualises the galaxy and ISS when you hold your device up to the sky.

To turn your browser into a heavenly radar, head for The Sky Live`s Online Planetarium (Visit HERE), an interactive real-time map of space that displays the position of planets, moons, asteroids and more. ISS Tracker ( reveals where the international Space Station is right now, as it zooms around the planet at 17.000mph. The ISS is also monitored by the deceptively simple site, which tracks the detailsand positions of  satellites orbiting the Earth. On the day writing, N2YO had tracked 20626 objects. No fewer than 2.261 (a number that`s continually updated)  were ``crosing our sky`` at the moment, which is a lot more than we`d excepted.