Track the changing weather and climate

See weather systems on the move in real time by zooming and spinning the virtual globe at `Earth` (Visit Here).
You can customise the display by opening the menu, then clicking an element. For example, click Ocean to see today`s  tidal currents at work.

If you`d like to zoom in for a closer look, use the Map option on OpenWeather (
It`s less impressive to look at than the Earth tool, but it does let you see all kinds of weather systems (wind speed, clouds, temperature and so on) in action anywhere in the world, or just where you live. It also provides live data both as charts and plain old numbers.

To Put the weather into long-term perspective, see the climate tickers (Visit HERE). Among other things, these alarming real-time monitors track the average world temperature and how long until the world`s oil runs dry (47 years and counting).