1. World’s largest display – Was set on 31 December 2006 in Funchal, Madeira, as part of Portugal’s new year celebrations. 66,236 fi reworks lit up the sky to claim the world record.
  2. Most rockets in 30s – The world record for the most rockets fi red in 30 seconds is 56,405, achieved on 16 August 2006. An attempt to beat this on Bournemouth seafront in 2009 failed.
  3. Tallest bonfire – Hiroshima, Japan was the setting for the world’s tallest bonfi re – a quite collosal 123ft high, lit on 9 February 2003 as part of the city’s Centennial celebrations.
  4. Gunpowder plot – Bonfi re Night held on 5 November is the celebration of the failed 1605 gunpowder plot in which Guy Fawkes attemped to blow up the British Houses of Parliament.
  5. Huge Catherine wheel – We have the Newick Bonfi re Society to thank for the monsterous 85-foot worldrecord-breaking Catherine wheel constructed in the UK on 30 October 1999.

What makes the colours?

Colours involve different measurements and combinations of oxygen producers, fuels, binders, and colour producers. You can make colour through incandescence – light created through heat (orange, red, white), or luminescence – light created from a chemical reaction without extreme heat (blue, green). It’s all about temperature control and balance. 

Red – Strontium and lithium
Orange – Calcium
Gold – Incandescence of iron, charcoal or lampblack
Yellow – Sodium
Electric white – Magnesium or aluminium
Green – Barium plus a chlorine producer
Blue – Copper plus a chlorine producer
Purple – Strontium plus copper
Silver – Aluminium, titanium or magnesium powder or fl akes