Medical Assistant Wage

Percentile wage estimates for this occupation:
Hourly Wage$12.41$14.16$16.73$19.36$49.07
Annual Wage$25,820$29,460$34,800$40,270$48,270

The table above defines the income distribution among the five groups. According to the data, the 10th percentile represents the low end income group, whereas the 90th percentile represents the top ten percent of wage earners. Simply put, out of all medical assistants, there are ten percent that earn $12.41 or less per hour and there are another ten percent who earn an hourly rate of $23.43 or more.
Those in the 50th percentile are in the median range. This means that 50 percent of MAs earn up to $16.73 per hour. Please note that a median is different from an average. An average wage would simply add the salaries of all MAs and divides that amount by the number of MAs.

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