Do I need to stop eating carbohydrates and even fruit if I have insulin resistance?

A Of course not! People tend to believe that because carbohydrate-rich foods raise blood glucose levels, removing them completely is the best remedy, but that’s not the case. “Someone may lose a significant amount of weight and reduce their insulin levels by cutting carbs, but this is not targeting the underlying condition … it’s simply masking the problem,” says Burrell. “In my experience, a moderate-carbohydrate diet is a much better approach. In conjunction with exercise, this ultimately improves the person`s insulin resistance over time.” An ultra-low-carbohydrate diet, in fact, can actually leave you worse off in the long run. “There is evidence that low-carbohydrate diets, particularly those high in animal foods, can worsen insulin sensitivity and increase your risk of type 2 diabetes,”.

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