Do bigger brains among humans mean more intelligence?



Brain size isn’t a good predictor of intelligence, which depends on how effectively information is passed around inside the brain. This depends on many other factors besides actual physical size.

Honey has no expiry date



Honey`s low moisture content and high acidity create an inhospitable environment for the bacteria and other microbes that cause food to spoil. It also has traces of hydrogen peroxide, an effective antibacterial agent.
If exposed to air, though, moisture can get in, so it needs to be kept in a sealed container to last indefinitely.


Gold inside human body



Human body absorb small amounts of gold (0.2mg) from our environment, but it serves no known purpose.
Largely inert, it is non-toxic in small doses. Gold compound sodium aurothiomalate can, however, reduce inflammation inarthritis patients, althought its mechanism of action isn't fully understood. Researchers are currently investigating the use of nanoparticles equipped with antibodies which could latch on to cancer cells to help speed up diagnosis.

Little Green Man

If There's life on Mars, SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) will be first to tell you.
This is a serious body of scientists, so don`tcome here expecting conspiracy, theories about little green man.
The Core Research section is a neither boring nor bonkers, and offers fascinating (and scientifically sound) articleson potentially habitable worlds (`exoplanets`) and Martian water, while the Education section has the latest ET videos and podcasts.
The site
's brilliant Stuck At Home Survival Guide (Visit Here) will help relive your lockdown lethargy, with links to citizenscience projects, virtual space tours and sci-fi stories.



Explore historical globes

The British Libary has a collection of 150 fragile globes which it`s digitising as 3D models, allowing you to click and hold them to rotate, then zoom in for more detail. Ten fascinating European globes from the 17th and 18th Centuries get the ball rolling and you can also get a close-up view using virtual reality.

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